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What does “Good attendance” mean?

Is 90% ‘GOOD'?
Most pupils and parents think 90% attendance is good.
Are they right?
90% attendance = ½ day missed every WEEK!
90 % attendance = 3 lessons missed every WEEK!
90 % attendance = 20 days missed every YEAR!
90 % attendance = over 100 lessons missed in a YEAR!
90% attendance over 5 years of school = ½ a school year missed!
90 % attendance = GCSE grade DROP in achievement.

The greater the attendance the greater the achievement
Please ensure that your child attends school and does not ‘miss out’ on their education and opportunities to achieve their potential.
All learners should aim to achieve more than 95% attendance.



What can you do as a parent ?
Please encourage your child to attend school and praise accordingly.
What do we do as a school ?
Every learner who achieves 100 % attendance in ONE term will receive a £ 5 cash gift card in assembly and their name is displayed on the attendance achievement board.
Every learner who achieves 100 % attendance in ONE year will receive a reward
We also operate a FORM attendance league and reward forms with the best attendance every half term e.g. first in the dinner queue, £ 1 token to spend in the canteen. We are currently reviewing our form rewards and are open to suggestions from the learners.

If there is a problem with your child’s attendance, talk calmly to your child and listen to the explanation.
There is always an explanation. It may not impress you, but it counted enough with your child to make them truant or not want to attend. Pursuing the reason for non attendance is very important.
• Talk to us to resolve issues.
• We maybe able to help and support you and your child.
• You are not alone.
Know when there are scheduled tests and beware of coursework deadlines.
Check your child’s homework diary regularly.
Help them catch up with missed work.


What does the LAW say?

All children of compulsory school age (between 5 and 16) must receive a suitable full time education. As a parent you are responsible for making sure this happens, and you have a vital role in ensuring and promoting regular attendance at school.
You are the key person who will make a difference. If your child fails to attend school regularly – even if they miss school without you knowing- the Local Education Authority may take action.

What happens if my child does not attend school regularly?
An Education Welfare Officer will visit or write to you to discuss the reason for your child not attending school. Prosecution proceedings may be started and parents can be fined up to £2,500 or imprisoned for failing to ensure that their child attends school regularly.

The Education Welfare Service
Education Welfare is a specialist support service, which works in partnership with other agencies to provide a range of services for children and their families, as well as carrying out statutory functions.

Education Welfare Officers
Support schools, pupils and parents to encourage children to attend regularly
Help children overcome problems that prevent them from attending school
Arrange education if a pupil is unable to attend school for several weeks / months.
They can also advise parents on:
• Education Law / Parental Rights
• School Transport Policy
• Children Changing Schools
• Children in Entertainment
• Children in Employment
Should you wish to discuss your child’s attendance please contact the Education Welfare Officer.

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