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Year 13 Formal Leaving Event

Year 13 are organising a formal leaving event which will be held on 13 July. This should be a pleasurable and memorable evening and many current and past staff will be joining Year 13 to mark this special occasion.
Anyone who is attending will need to ensure their payment is made by Tuesday 20 June at the latest. The total payable is £35 and this can be paid by cash or cheque to the Finance Office.
It is vital that we receive this payment by then as we have to pay in advance for everyone attending, on 21 June so if we do not receive your final payment by then we will assume that you are no longer attending.
It is also vital that students return their consent forms to Mrs Breen before Half Term.

Sixth form letter from Mrs. Breen

Dear Sixth Form Student,

As the end of term fast approaches I would like to draw your attention to a number of important points as follows:

1) Everyone should ensure that they have received and checked their examination timetable. If you have not done so, please see me before the end of term.

2) You must make revision and school work your priority now. It is essential that you prepare yourself a revision timetable to follow. If anyone needs any support with this please see me. I am always available in morning registrations at 8am and have some revision timetable resources to help you.

3) If you have applied to university please remember not to miss your UCAS reply date or your offers will be declined. Also make sure you apply for funding on the www.studentfinancewales.co.uk by the deadline.

4) Students who are not planning on going to university should have attended their sessions with Career Wales and apprenticeship organisation and should be putting together a plan for after their examinations.

5) Thank you to the Senior Student Team, especially our Head Girl, Kelsey Price, Head Boy, Lewis Price and Deputy Head Girl, Lucy Astley Jones for the dedicated way they have lead their team this past term.

6) Please ensure you leave your deposit and consent form in the finance office as soon as possible if you intend attending the Sixth Form Ball on Thursday 13 July. This will be a lovely event for you to look forward to attending following all your hard work during this examination period.

Finally, I urge you to use your Easter leave as study time and to return to school determined to realise your full potential.
Work hard!

Mrs Breen
Head of Sixth Form

Cwmcarn teacher visits the largest machine in the world!

(and where the World Wide Web started)

Cwmcarn Physics teacher Mr Pearce was lucky enough to be selected to attend the Welsh Teacher Programme at CERN laboratories, Geneva Switzerland from 7 – 10 February 2017.  

CERN is home to the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) the largest particle accelerator in the world, which has been described as the largest machine in the world. CERN is also where Tim Berners-Lee, a British scientist, invented the World Wide Web (WWW) in 1989.

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Year 10 Examinations, February 2017

Dear Parents and Carers,

Year 10 Examinations, February 2017
I write to inform you that Year 10 will be undertaking school examinations immediately after half term, beginning Monday February 27th. The examinations will take place over a week and will cover all subjects.
Year 10 have been informed through assembly that it is important they begin to read through and revise the topics they have covered in their subjects since the start of the examination courses last September.

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Examination Subject Planning for Years 8 and 9

Dear Parents and Carers of Years 8 and 9

Examination Subject Planning for Years 8 and 9
At this time of year we begin to plan for the subjects learners will take for their examination courses.
We are planning that both Years 8 and 9 will begin examination courses in September 2017. This will mean Year 8 learners will have three years for their examination courses, while Year 9 will have the usual two.

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End of term letter from Mrs. Perry

Dear Parents and Carers
Governors, staff and I wish you, our learners and your families a very happy Christmas and New Year.
I commend all our learners for their work this term. It has been a long and busy term and much very good learning has taken place. I visit lessons as often as possible and have been pleased to see the quality of learning in lessons every day.
I am delighted that all Year 13 have completed their UCAS application forms where they indicate their choice of University. Many have already been offered places for September 2017. I thank Mrs. Breen for her leadership of this process for Year 13, as well as to all staff who have supported Year 13 in preparing their University applications. Years 11 and 13 have also both successfully completed mock examinations in the past two weeks and we look forward to positive results next half term.

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