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Dear Parents and Carers
Governors, staff and I wish you, our learners and your families a very happy Christmas and New Year.
I commend all our learners for their work this term. It has been a long and busy term and much very good learning has taken place. I visit lessons as often as possible and have been pleased to see the quality of learning in lessons every day.
I am delighted that all Year 13 have completed their UCAS application forms where they indicate their choice of University. Many have already been offered places for September 2017. I thank Mrs. Breen for her leadership of this process for Year 13, as well as to all staff who have supported Year 13 in preparing their University applications. Years 11 and 13 have also both successfully completed mock examinations in the past two weeks and we look forward to positive results next half term.

We were pleased to see Year 10 parents and carers at Parents’ Evening last week. This was clearly a productive evening and much important feedback was given by staff. The year group is working well and we are overall pleased with progress.
Key Stage 3 learners have made a very good start in attending literacy sessions with our literacy focused staff and we are already hearing of good progress being made by individual learners.
We are very proud of Year 13 for their charity works this term, in particular the Children In Need fayre they arranged for the school. Learners enjoyed the day and the school raised just over £500, a very commendable amount for this good cause. Well done to all.
All learners will receive an interim report of progress between now and the end of January, seniors in December and Key Stage 3 in January. Do look out for this coming home with your child. It will inform you of both effort and progress at this stage in the school year.
Learners will already know that Mr. Stone, Head of English has secured an important new post. Mr. Stone has personally informed his classes over the past week. He will take on a leadership role at Heolldu Comprehensive School. This will begin part time from January. Mr. Stone will continue to work with Years 11 and 13 at Cwmcarn in order to secure with them their grades this summer. He will take up his new post fully from Easter 2017.

Staff changes - The school will keep learners and parents informed of any staff changes over the two years between now and the school closure in 2018. Most recently the school has secured the services of Miss Mills, a very well- qualified English teacher and a Cambridge graduate who has studied English literature to Master’s degree level. We are delighted with this appointment. She will take over teaching Mr. Stone’s Years 8, 9 and 10 classes in January. She will also take over Mr. Wring’s Year 13 class in mid -January. As an experienced A’ level teacher with a strong academic background and proven track record, I have every confidence in her teaching the unit taught currently by Mr. Wring. This will free Mr. Wring to more fully focus on his important managerial responsibilities at the school. Mr. Wring and Miss Mills will work together with the class in early January to secure an appropriate handover.
Christmas Concert and Carol Concert - The school will hold a carol concert at the Zion church as usual at this time of year, on Tuesday December 13th. Mrs. Davies as always is key to this and we thank her for her hard work in preparing learners who will take part.
This is followed by the school’s Christmas concert in the evening. We hope you are able to join the school on this occasion and enjoy the Christmas spirit engendered by Mrs. Davies and learners.

School will finish at 2pm on Friday, December 16th. The new term begins on Tuesday January 3rd.
The last day of term is designated a non-uniform day. Around the country schools will run Christmas Jumper Day, when learners and staff alike will wear Christmas jumpers.
The day is held to support special charities. These are featured in this newsletter. Learners and staff contribute a 50p donation for non-uniform. (the small amount of 50p as we have already fundraised for Children in need this term.) Learners without a Christmas jumper may wear ordinary non-uniform for the day with a Christmas theme, such as a red jumper and some tinsel! Parents please do not feel you must incur additional expense at this time. What we want is for the school community to enjoy the last day and share some Christmas spirit together.) A Christmas fayre will also be run by the Welsh baccalaureate learners who will run this as part of their Welsh Baccalaureate citizenship challenge.

With all good wishes for Christmas and the New Year
A safe and happy Christmas to all. We look forward to welcoming our learners back on Tuesday January 3rd at 8.40 am sharp.
Yours sincerely
Executive Headteacher

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