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Dear Parents and Carers,

Year 10 Examinations, February 2017
I write to inform you that Year 10 will be undertaking school examinations immediately after half term, beginning Monday February 27th. The examinations will take place over a week and will cover all subjects.
Year 10 have been informed through assembly that it is important they begin to read through and revise the topics they have covered in their subjects since the start of the examination courses last September.

The examinations will begin to give them important examination practice for Year 11 and help them to get used to learning for GCSE examinations. The next examinations they will take after this are their mock examinations in December 2017.

It is important that Year 10 learners take these examinations seriously and endeavour to show what they know, understand and are able to do. We advise that all Year 10 set up a revision time-table with time set aside for revision during each week-night evening for the next three weeks and with some half term time also allocated to revision.
It will help them to read subject notes carefully, highlight key words and ideas and practice writing these down so that they are sure they have learned what they need to know.
Year 10 will sit these examinations in the examination hall in order to give them a full examination experience.

Following the examinations, you will receive a full school report for your child so that you are aware of the progress that has been made and your child’s current working grade.
Year 10 will receive an examination time-table within the next week. This will help them to plan their revision.

I wish them much luck and success in these examinations and urge that you ensure a good revision programme is put in place at home.

Yours sincerely
Executive Headteacher

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