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sbc logo bbThe Caerphilly School Based Counselling Service have a team of seven counsellors offering a counselling service for pupils in year six of primary school and all secondary schools.

What can we help with?

Counselling is for anybody who wants to talk to somebody else about a situation in their lives they are not happy about.

There are many reasons for having counselling such as:

  • You may feel upset or confused about something
  • You may feel things are getting you down
  • You may have unwanted thoughts or memories
  • You may need to make an important decision about something at school or at home
  • You may want to change your behaviour
  • You may have problems with a relationship – perhaps parents, teacher, friends, girlfriend or boyfriend
  • You may have difficulty sleeping or concentrating on your work

You can find out more about the Caerphilly School Based Counselling Service at http://www.caerphilly.gov.uk/schoolcounselling

Cwmcarn High School, Chapel Farm, Cwmcarn, NP11 7NG
01495 270982
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