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The following information relates to the welfare of all of those visiting the school. We ask for your full support in the following areas;

Access to the site: All visitors should report to reception to sign in. Please telephone to make appointments with staff in advance as they will often be teaching during the day. The school is secured by a fence which clearly identifies the limits of the site. All learners should remain within this area during the school day. Please do not attempt to climb the fence which surrounds the site. Please keep access points to the site clear at all times.

Dropping off by car: We advise parents to drop learners off at the back of the school in the leisure centre car park. In order to avoid a tailback to the main road priority will be given to incoming traffic. In order to make the site as safe as possible we would request that drivers obey the 5mph speed limit indicated around the site.

Lunchtimes: Learners in years 7-11 are not permitted to leave the school site for lunch, except for those few who go home for lunch and are supervised by their parent / guardian. This must be approved in advance, and pupils must sign in and out of school. Sixth Form learners may leave the site at break and lunch, but should sign in and out at reception. We do not advise Sixth Form learners to transport other learners as passengers in cars during the school day.

Fire procedure: The lower yard at the front of the school is the designated assembly point in the event of a fire. Please keep this area clear during the school day. Any abuse of the fire alarm system by learners will be considered a serious breach of the school’s discipline code.

School rules: These apply on the way to and from school as well as during the day. Whilst wearing the school’s uniform we expect learners to act as ambassadors in the community and pay due attention to road safety. This includes travel on buses. Learners are reminded to follow the Travel Code published by the Welsh Government.

Car Parking: In order to make the site as safe as possible we would request that drivers obey the 5mph speed limit indicated around the site. Parking for visitors during the day is available in the bays marked with a V at the front of the school. Pick up and drop off by car would normally be made on the lower yard by cars following the one way system, as indicated by the signage.

Medical issues: If your child is taken ill or injured on site we will contact you (and call an ambulance if necessary) on the emergency contact numbers listed on your child’s admissions form and register. PLEASE ensure contact numbers are kept up to date. We have no facilities to look after sick children, who must be collected without delay, nor do we have qualified medical staff beyond trained first aiders.If your child has a known medical condition then you should complete a care plan in order to outline how the condition is managed. On no account should a pupil bring medication into school without prior consultation. Please refer to your GP or the latest updates from the NHS Direct service on 0845 4647 for advice and guidance on what to do if you think that your child may have contracted a contagious condition. Please do not send your child to school if they are showing symptoms of illness which might spread or harm others.

Extreme Weather / Unforseen closures: Should it be necessary to close the school all efforts will be made to inform parents via www.cwmcarnhigh.co.uk. Should the school have to close early learners will be asked to contact their parents. Please ensure you make prior emergency arrangements with your child. In the event of snow and ice extra care should be taken whilst on site.

Duty of care: It is the responsibility of all members of the school community to be vigilant about Health and Safety at all times. We expect learners to behave in a responsible manner which does not pose a threat to the welfare of others, even without close supervision. Where we believe that a learner’s behaviour poses a threat to others exclusion may be used.

Valuables: Please do not allow your child to bring valuables onto the school site as we cannot take any responsibility for them. This includes mobile phones and MP3 players which will be confiscated if used in school. There are now strict guidelines on the use of such devices in examinations which can lead to the disqualification of a candidate. We have a payphone for pupils, and the reception staff will allow learners to ring home in a genuine emergency. Where it is necessary to bring cash into school to pay for visits etc, then this should be paid into the finance office at the earliest opportunity.

Photographs/videos: Please note that the school will permit photographs/videos being taken during the school performances as long as these are for private use only, any images captured should not be transmitted / circulated via any secondary means without the consent of those with parental responsibility for ALL children captured in the image i.e. social networking sites such as facebook etc. This is in line with the Data Protection Act. It will be appreciated if the use of recording equipment is limited as far as possible as we would not wish to spoil the overall enjoyment for all children / parent / carers participating.

Contractors / works: Please be aware that from time to time essential works may take place during school hours. All contractors should sign in at reception and report to the Deputy Headteacher and Caretaker before commencing work.

Many thanks for your co-operation on these issues. We thank you for your support which is important to us. This guidance is updated on our website from time to time, please check for updates. If you become aware of any issues which arise during the year then please report them to us without delay.

Cwmcarn High School, Chapel Farm, Cwmcarn, NP11 7NG
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